Thursday, August 4, 2011

Craft for a Cure

Welcome friend to the Craft for a Cure blog. Here you will find all of the information about this wonderful "all artist" supported event. We will be having two wonderful classes, a round robin collage project, and a technique demonstration. We will be serving a wonderful lunch donated by my friends Andrea Villareal and Blanca Paredes. And of course fabulous cupcakes by none other than Julie Gordon Weller for dessert. In addition some of my other friends in the artist community are donating works for our "silent raffle". It will be a jam packed day of creating, socializing and even some stories of courage and survival. Registration is only $125 and is limited to 20 guests. Registration is non-refundable but is transferable. Every penny of your registration goes back to Breast Cancer charity (Your money will go to the purchase and maintenance of Mammobiles that serve low income communities)

Project One: Three tiered Halloween Cake box by Breast Cancer survivor Karen Aguirre Smolinski

I don't know if you know Karin
but she is an inspiration.
Truly talented and an amazing artist.
If you havent read her blog yet please check it out

Creative Chaos
Here is an excerpt from Karins blog.
It is about saying goodbye to cancer:
Dear 2009......

You had to know this was coming. The final goodbye. Yes, we still have some unfinished business to take care more avastin treatment, some blood tests, bi-yearly appointments with the oncologist and an unpaid cell phone bill. But, I think we can both be adults about it. There is no need to involve Judge Judy or any other medical professionals. I've already moved on. You need to do the same.

Believe me when I say...... it's not you, it's me. Yes, we've had our share of good times. And, yes, I felt emotions I have never felt before. However, it was just not a healthy relationship. It had to end eventually. We both knew that from the beginning. Our relationship was about one thing and one thing only. I think we both know what I mean.......

I know you don't want to hear this, but 2010 will be a much healthier, better fit for me. It promises me things that you couldn't. It's more stable and dependable. Plus, it's way cuter. I need to spread my wings and fly. I can't be held back by a slacker year anymore.

We will always have our memories. However, I need you to know that I am changing my phone number and defriending you from my Facebook page. Don't take it personally. However, do know if you try to get in touch with me again I will take you out.

Best Regards, Karin

Our second class will be taught by me! Denise Hahn- daughter of a survivor
Project 2: Blinged out Skelly Girl

You will create your very own Skelly Girl, we will have all of the fabric, paper glitter and trimmings you will need!

Next the VERY talented jewelry artist Tara Wilson will share with us a demo!
Demonstration: Chasing metal, wire wrapping, creating an ear wire and patina methods!
Tara will bring all of the supplies to make these earrings and demonstrate techniques you can use in your own artwork:

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Final Project: Hope Collage- taught by all of us!
This will be an 8x8 masonite base and you will bring your own little stash of goodies. I will lead the way with the first instruction and then you will have just a few minutes to work on the piece before it gets passed on to the next person. I will continue to give instructions, and we will continue to pass the pieces around. By the time it gets back around to you, you will have an amazing and unique collage, no two will be the same! More information will be posted later about this project, but it is guaranteed to be a blast and to get all of us a little out of our comfort zones! It's all about having courage right!?

This event will be held in a lovely private home in Anaheim on October 1st from 10am to 5pm. There is a paypal button to register on the right sidebar. Can't attend but want to donate a little anyway? See the button below registration.

if you have questions or would like to donate for the raffle please email me at:


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  1. What an amazing cause & event -- I was so touched by Karin's story/ post! And I love the Skelly Girls! I'm hoping to make it! Diane